Triple Play Marketing - Nanaimo Real Estate | Selling a Home in Nanaimo

Triple Play Marketing

Seller’s Triple Play™ Marketing Plan


Sell your home for the highest market value possible within your desired time frame.


Know the market audience and be buyer agent and buyer friendly. Maximize exposure and incentives to the three main ways that 97% of buyers become aware of the property they eventually purchase.

  1. From the Internet – 52%
  2. From their Realtor® – 30%
  3. From the For Sale Lawn Sign – 15%


Exposure On The Internet – 52%

Exposure To Other Realtors® And Their Buyers – 30%

  • All cooperating brokerages and their agents have the opportunity to view your home on “All Tour” day. More agents, with more clients means more exposure to active buyers waiting for the right home to hit the market.
  • Attractive buyer’s agent commission rates mean that other REALTORS®, regardless of what brokerage they represent, will be eager to sell their buyers your property.
  • Same day publication on the “HotSheet”…the REALTOR’s® bible of what’s new on the market.
  • Same day addition to all REALTOR’s® “Personal Client Services” (PCS) system. All buyers with MLS search criteria that match your home will receive instant email notification to view your property

Exposure On The For Sale Sign – 15%

  • Professionally installed post and beam sign in a dominant location on your property
  • Well recognized Sutton sign designed to extend credibility through association with a market leader in real estate
  • Topper designed to direct inquires back to, where the info to generate leads is posted (description, pictures, etc.)
  • Top insert for the Xposure web platform is designed to steer traffic to 3D virtual tours, HD photos, floor plans, videos, and more!